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Seniors Learn Computer

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Computer Repair in Your Home

computer repairWhen you need fast, reliable and affordable computer repair service in your home or home office, LOGICOM is the one to call. We come to you! We'll troubleshoot everything that needs repair, upgrading or tuneup on your PC or Mac: computer crashes, freezes, installations, hard drives, RAM (memory), operating system, viruses, spyware, spam, slow/sluggish behavior, Internet and WiFi connections, software programs and more. Our computer repair technicians have years of experience and are reliable members of the Prescott community. LOGICOM can service your computer and answer your questions with a minimum of bother and expense. We've served the Prescott AZ area since 1991 and our customers are happy to recommend us. Schedule regular maintenance to keep your computer up-to-date with the latest version of Windows and Mac operating systems and security programs to protect against viruses, spyware and spam. NO HIGH PRESSURE SALES EVER!

Set Up Your Home Office & Networking System

LOGICOM can design and build a home office computer system specifically for you or we can help you maximize the system you have and protect it from viruses, spyware and spam. We can set up a home office network to connect multiple computers together and have them access a single printer and your modem on wireless Internet connection. We can also sync your mobile devices with your PC or Mac. Call us today to discuss your goals for a home office in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley or Dewey.

Learn the Computer in the Privacy of Your Home

senior learns computerAlong with computer repairs, we tutor computer users—from beginning to advanced—and we specialize in bringing Seniors and Retirees up to speed. It's never too late to learn the computer and we offer simple step-by-step training in plain language. Learn computer basics including Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX and accessing the Internet. With training, you'll be able to "surf" the Internet for news, shopping, research, buying and selling on eBay, job searches or your other interests. You can master email to communicate easily with family and friends plus learn how to download photos from your camera and attach them to your email messages. Seniors, did you know you can even set up an account online with the Social Security Administration? Your computer can open up new worlds with just a little training from LOGICOM.

Graphic and Remote Services

LOGICOM is now proud to offer Website design and Maintenance, Graphic design, and Remote Support. If you have an issue with your PC/Server we can access it via remote support online. We can build stunning websites and maintain them, or we can design a stunning new logo, or graphics for your business or current website.

Income Tax Services

LOGICOM Can Do Your Taxes! That's right, we will come to you and sit with you and file your State and Federal Taxes at a reasonable price. Why Pay H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, or Liberty Tax to do your taxes. They charge more than what we can do it for.

 VOIP (Voice over IP) Installation and Support

Have us install Vonage, Cableone Phone, or any other VOIP phone system into your existing wiring so you never know that your using internet phone.


WIRELESS Home Security

Get your house secured by installing a wireless camera system to monitor your home.


Have Logicom create and print stunning brochures, business cards, car signs, t-shirts and more.


Give us a call and we will pick up your old PC, Monitor, Printer, Laptop, or whatever you have and recycle it for you for FREE. That's right, at no charge to you will can pickup any electronics to be recycled. Just give us a call, and we do the rest. This is part of the Green Earth Program to help the enviroment.

Green Earth Program

recycle Join LOGICOM in it's initiative to help save the planet. We now are going all digital. All digital receipts will be emailed to the customer to help reduce the amount of paper we as a business generate and throw away.








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