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WD WD TV Highlights Convert USB Drive to Media Player Plays Video, Audio, & Pictures HDTV and SDTV Compatibility 1080p HDMI Features The WD TV HD Media Player from Western Digital is a digital media player for TVs or HDTVs. It can be used to play back video, audio, and pictures from any USB hard drive or storage device. Two USB ports are built into the device, allowing you to connect multiple hard drives simultaneously. The WD TV connects to a TV via HDMI or RCA composite, supporting up to 1080p resolution. It can access data from any USB hard drive. A remote control is included to facilitate easy playback of media. Advanced Media Navigation Browsing large media collections can often be a daunting task. Not so with the WD TV: it features thumbnail and list view options, allowing you to quickly browse your entire media library. You can filter by media type, and search for keywords to quickly locate a particular song or movie. USB Device Compatibility Although the WD TV has no internal hard drive, it does sport 2 USB ports. You can use these ports to connect any USB mass storage device: hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, and the like. Media Conversion Software The player ships with the ArcSoft MediaConverter 2.5 software for Windows. This software allows you convert media into formats that are optimized for use with the player. 1080p Support The WD TV is fully compatible with HDTV displays. It features an HDMI output capable of driving 1080p displays. It also has standard RCA composite output for connection to SD TVs.