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Seniors Learn Computer

Bonded * Insured


Tutoring, repair, networking, troubleshooting, and more starts at $75 an hour depending on the Area. We service the quad cities which include Prescott, Prescott Valley, Williamson Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey, Humbolt, and Mayer. NOW Serving the rest of Yavapai County. These areas include, but not limited to Camp Verde, Cottonwood, Sedona, Black Canyon City, and so many more Yavapai County towns.

Effective immediately there will be an automatic flat service fee of 1 hour of time (any Zone) which covers gas, mileage, maintenance, and 1/2 hour of labor. After the 1/2 hour regular hourly rates apply based on zones..

ZONE 1 ($75.00 per Hour)

-Prescott (up to Skyline Dr. (Anything off this road is Zone 2) off Ironsprings Rd.
Up to the Pines area on HWY 89, Copper Basin Rd. up to Vista Pines Trail
and up to Goldwater Lake on Senator Highway (anywhere past Goldwater Lake is Zone 2)
-Prescott Valley (Up to The Prescott Country Club, and up to HWY 89A)
-Williamson Valley (up to Mile marker 9)

*Minimum 1 hour Charge


ZONE 2 ($80.00 per Hour)

-Prescott (Past the Pines on HWY 89, and Past Vista Pines Trail on Copper Basin (up to 15 miles past)
-Prescott (Past Goldwater Lake on Senator HWY and any road off of it.)
-Williamson Valley (Up to American Ranch, up to 30 miles)

*Minimum 1 hour Charge

ZONE 3 ($85.00 per Hour)

-Prescott (Past Highland Pines)
-Skull Valley (30 miles past is Zone 4)
-Dewey (Past Prescott Country Club)
-Chino Valley
-Mayer (includes Spring Valley)
-30 Miles past Cordes Junction and Spring Valley is Zone 4

*Minimum 1 hour Charge

ZONE 4 ($99.00 per Hour)

-ALL Other Parts of Yavapai County.
-If you fall in an area that requires more than 90 miles of travel Add $10.00

**Businesses Add $15.00 Per Hour More. ***Holidays, Weekends, and Emergencies after 5pm Add $10.00 Per Hour More. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, or any nationally observed holiday $15.00 per hour more. Emergency Calls add an Extra $15.00 per hour plus any other fees that may apply per hour

*Minimum 1 hour Charge

Remote Support

Get the same great service via the phone and the web to help troubleshoot a problem starting at $70 an hour.

Graphic Design Services

Have stunning graphics and websites created starting at $85 per hour (Setup Fee ($850.00) not included) Setup Fee includes domain registration and hosting for 3 years. Maintain that website starting at $75 an hour.

Income Tax Services

Have us come to you and do your taxes. Prepare and file your State and Federal taxes for $80 flat rate. Add $45 if a business and $40 for additional states.

Flat Rate Services

Have Computer Memory installed for $55.00.  Laptop Cards, Memory, and other add On peripherals, $65.00.   Hard Drives, CD Roms, and internal Computer cards installed for $99.  Motherboards and Processors Installed for $165.00. Parts are additional cost.  Flat rate services available for Zones 1, 2 and 3 Only.


Search Engine Optimization

Have your website optimized for search search engines to get your ranking so you can be well seen. $99/hr. Please note that this service could take up to 6 months to see results. Logicom does not make any claims that results will happen sooner.

Recycling Program

Free Pickup and removal of that old pc, and dispose of it in a responsible way.

Green Earth Program

recycle Join LOGICOM in it's initiative to help save the planet. We now are going all digital. All digital receipts will be emailed to the customer to help reduce the amount of paper we as a business generate and throw away.
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Prices vary upon location. Prices and Terms subject to change at anytime. Parts not included. Prices for parts are based on current market retail pricing. Please use the contact form or you can call 928.224.8505 for current pricing. Onsite Cancellation or Appointment changes will be charge a $40.00 fee. Credit cards accepted where available (based on cellular network). Minimum Credit Card Purchase is $30.00 plus a $2.50 Credit Card Processing Fee for $100 or Less. 3% of the Sale will be the Credit Card Processing Fee on orders over $100. All Service Calls will be charged a minimum of 1 hour regardless of the time frame spent onsite. Technicians do not carry cash.  Returned checks hold a $50.00 surcharge plus the amount it's returned for plus 10% for recovery. If your check is returned you have 30 days to pay the surcharge, service call amount, and recovery fee. Failure to do so will result in legal action. You have 30 days to claim your property after the call that it is ready. Failure to do so will result in 12% of the bill per month storage fee. After 90 days property is considered Logicom's, and can be sold to recover the cost of services and storage. All invoices need to be paid at the the time of service, except with owners permission to pay later. You have 30 days to make good on the bill. Failure to comply will result in 12% per month until it is paid. After 3 months, 24% will be added per month. After 6 months 36% will be added per month and/or legal action.

LOGICOM - Experienced Computer Repair & Maintenance. Learn the Computer at Home.
Serving Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Dewey, Arizona, Since 1991. NOW serving all of Yavapai County!