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Seniors Learn Computer

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Learn the Computer in the Privacy of Your Home

larry trains senior on computerComputer training on your own system in the privacy of your home is not only convenient but may make it easier for you to learn. At LOGICOM, we understand how difficult it can be to learn computer basics of Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX, the Internet, and Email, along with other expertise like how to download, install and run a software update. In fact, LOGICOM owner Larry Treiber (shown at right with student) says, "Trying to learn everything about the computer by yourself can be overwhelming. We take it step by step and base our training on whether the customer is a beginner, intermediate or advanced computer user. We especially like working with our senior citizen students who enjoy learning about the Internet and how to use email to communicate with their families and friends."

LOGICOM has served the Prescott AZ area and nearby cities since 1991, and customers are happy to recommend us. NO HIGH PRESSURE SALES EVER! What you can learn from personalized LOGICOM computer tutoring:

Bringing Seniors Up to Speed

senior learns the computerWe specialize in bringing Seniors and Retirees up to speed. It's never too late to learn the computer and we offer simple step-by-step training in plain language. Learn the basics so you can use PC or Mac and access the Internet. With training, you'll be able to "surf" the Internet for news, shopping, research, buying and selling on eBay, volunteer jobs and exploring other interests. Master email to stay in touch with family and friends and receive photos of moments you might otherwise miss. Plus learn to connect your camera to the computer and attach photos to your email messages. You also can set up accounts online—such as Social Security—and handle more communications without leaving the comfort of your home. Your computer can open up new worlds with personal training from LOGICOM.

LOGICOM - Experienced Computer Repair & Maintenance. Learn the Computer at Home.
Serving Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Dewey, Arizona, Since 1991. NOW serving all of Yavapai County!