Terms of Service

All work performed has a 7 day warranty. This means if for any reason something that was worked on in the service call reverts, fails, or does not take, we will revisit you at no charge. The 7 Day Warranty includes 1 Free Remote Session and 1 onsite visit to fix the problem. (In example: If you call us out because the computer is running slow, and it was fast, but for some reason slowed back down, we will fix it at no charge. Please note that sometimes other issues may be hidden and may not show up right away!) After the included warranty repair methods, we will continue to repair this issue at a 50% discount per hour. This however does not include parts (if necessary) to fix the issue.
All NEW parts purchased from us hold the manufacturers warranty. Keep in mind most parts come with a 1 year warranty others have longer warranties. Please check with us the warranty coverage for the parts. All USED or REFURBISHED parts have a 30 day guarantee by us. If these parts fail within the 30 days, it will be replaced free of charge for equal or lesser value.

All computers built by Logicom hold a 1 Year Parts, 2 Year Labor Warranty.
Hardware Coverage: 1 year Limited warranty from date of purchase of the computer system. This warranty covers all hardware except case. Parts that have a greater warranty will be passed on to the customer. Parts that have a greater warranty will be replaced at owners expense. Physical damage to any part voids this warranty. If the system is not properly maintained, this will void the warranty. Proper maintenance includes regular dustings and removal of internal dust. Maintenance also includes proper airflow. Overheating or and catastrophic event due to improper maintenance voids hardware warranty.
Labor Coverage: 2 Year Limited warranty on all Labor. This warranty guarantees that the computer system will be free of manufacturing defects (IE: failure to start, Bad software installation, etc.) Warranty does not include out of warranty parts, or parts damaged due to a catastrophic event or negligence. User accepts that in the case of out of warranty hardware and/or faulty hardware due to negligence or catastrophic event, that they will be responsible for the cost of labor. This will cover glitches and software flaws for 90 days from purchase date. Virus removal is at user cost.
All Used or Refurbished PCs hold a 30 day guarantee to be free and clear of manufacturers defects. All labor to repair the computer within 30 days will be at no charge. Operating system, and software is not covered under this guarantee. Parts are covered for 30 days.
Prices vary upon location. Prices and Terms subject to change at anytime. Parts not included. Prices for parts are based on current market retail pricing. Please use the contact form or you can call 928.224.8505 for current pricing. Onsite Cancellation or Appointment changes will be charge a $50.00 fee. Credit cards accepted where available (based on cellular network). Minimum Credit Card Purchase is $50.00 plus a $4.25 Credit Card Processing Fee for $100 or Less. 4% of the Sale will be the Credit Card Processing Fee on orders over $100. All Service Calls will be charged a minimum of 1 hour regardless of the time frame spent onsite. Technicians do not carry cash.  Returned checks hold a $60.00 surcharge plus the amount it's returned for plus 15% for recovery. If your check is returned you have 30 days to pay the surcharge, service call amount, and recovery fee. Failure to do so will result in legal action. You have 30 days to claim your property after the call that it is ready. Failure to do so will result in 15% of the bill per month storage fee. After 90 days property is considered Logicom's, and can be sold to recover the cost of services and storage. All invoices need to be paid at the the time of service, except with owners permission to pay later. You have 30 days to make good on the bill. Failure to comply will result in 15% per month until it is paid. After 3 months, 30% will be added per month. After 6 months 45% will be added per month and/or legal action. The above statement will also apply to those that refuse to pay. Legal action may occur between 60-90 days depending on the situation. All parties involved are liable for any court costs.